• Serra Marmi e Graniti

    Serra Marmi e Graniti


    Sassi di Tiscali - Sardinian Marble

  • A style inspired to the sea

    A style inspired to the sea

    Atlantic Ocean

  • Stoja - The warming stone

    Stoja - The warming stone


  • The attention to details

    The attention to details

    Luxury Design

Sassi di Tiscali

More than 50 years of experience at your service

“Sassi of Tiscali”, with 50 years of experience, is specialized in processing natural stones such as marble, granite and stone materials and in creating innovative products in Okite.
Ignazio Serra, that studied as marble worker in Migliarina laboratories (La Spezia – Liguria), founded the “ Serra Marmi e Graniti” in 1960.

Over the years the company has evolved and innovated the production processes towards the highest technological standards. Ignazio handed down the secrets of marble processing to his son Angelo whom, at the beginning of the century, started to take control of the business and changed its name to “Sassi di Tiscali”.

It represents one of the leading small-medium sardinian companies in the field of marble and granite processing and operates in several sectors, such as cruise ship building and construction industry.


Areas of expertise

The typologies and processing techniques of materials are various, always accurate and detailed.
“Sassi di Tiscali” produces interior furnishings such as kitchen countertops and vanity tops, floors and walls, steps and staircases, and furniture for the naval field.
The outdoor furniture line includes marble or basalt pavings, colonnades for gardens, terraces and courtyards.
Classical sidewalks, marble curbs, trampleable path, fountains, sculptures and benches are produced for the street furniture line.
Not to forget the funerary and construction traditional services.

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Contact us

For more info contact us at info@sassiditiscali.it